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VOLK Solutions
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Healthcare is a life-critical segment. Designing medical devices involves complex procedures. An effective medical device design addresses healthcare regulatory compliances, solution specifications, and deliver functionalities that satisfy end users’ needs. So far, we've been participating in designing various medical devices - from breakthrough incubators for preterm infants to hand-held devices that help people speaking & swallowing and even to quit smoking.


If the automotive industry was to develop at the same pace as computers, we would travel today from east to west coast for 13 seconds! However, we are witnessing the things are rapidly changing nowadays. In front of our eyes, cars are transforming into entertainment rooms and mobile offices. Battery powered, autonomous, interconnected, equipped with a plethora of various sensors, vehicles become more electrical and less mechanical systems. We have been working with many clients from the automotive area. Our Bluetooth modules for vehicle suspension control as well as for controlling Water Methanol Injection pumps are implemented in many cars worldwide. We have also been the part of the project developing architecture for the future automotive computing environment (FACE). 


The exponential increase in the population on Earth requires smarter and more efficient food production. Battery powered and networked sensors monitoring different parameters (moisture, temperature, pressure, humidity), connected to the cloud and capable not only to upload information to the server but also to download, decipher and react, can certainly help increase yields with fewer resources invested. We have experience in developing such systems. 

Consumer electronics

We are also experienced in developing pieces of electronics that will improve our daily lives. So far in our portfolio, we have a few devices dedicated to entertain the people (like Zhula Hoops or Bluetooth vehicle sets) as well as to protect our belongings (like this Copenhagen Trackers or Magpie GPS trackers). If you have any idea about how to bring value to the world, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to consider the implementation steps together with you.

Military and Government

According to the United Nations, 68% of the population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. This rapid rise in urban populations has put a tremendous strain on global infrastructure and the environment. Smart cities of the future will use technology to better population’s living experiences, operating as one big data-driven ecosystem.  The smart city uses data from the people, vehicles, buildings, etc. to not only improve citizens lives but also minimize the environmental impact of the city itself, constantly communicating with itself to maximize efficiency. Together with our clients from SmartUp Cities, we developed a technology to optimize waste collection and reduce environmental&operational costs by up to 50%. Our solution consists of a small hardware device equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, that is mounted inside any container. It reads and monitors the fill-level, temperature and position of each container 24/7. On the server side, we are using AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and predict the data received from the sensors thus providing our customers with powerful and actionable insights. For the poor Sub-Saharian areas, we developed a solar charger unit that will help the people with their daily activities. 

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