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Custom Engineering

Coming from both the academic and industrial worlds, we are used to keeping an eye on emerging technologies while at the same time fully mastering devices well proven in the industry. We think out of the box and consider the things from different perspectives. Give us your idea and we will bring it through the design process to a fully functional product.


We can help you with every step of the product design cycle:

  • Selecting and sourcing electrical/mechanical parts. We are in close touch with global suppliers and manufacturers of the electrical parts. We know how to select optimal parts for your needs. Those that will, first of all, fulfill your requirements, that are short/long term available on the market, replaceable and cheap. 

  • Designing the hardware. We are able to design the EMC compatible hardware that will comply with many different regulations. We have experience with multi-layered high-speed / high-density boards with length-matching and tuning. Our designs are manufacturable. We have strong contacts with many PCB manufacturing and assembling houses all over the world.

  • Hardware testing and debugging. We have all the necessary equipment and skills to test and debug the boards coming from manufacturing houses.

  • Firmware/Software development. We design the firmware/software that is portable, modular and well documented. We use Git and SVN for version control and sharing.


Here is the list of skills and tools we have under our belt:

  • Embedded software development in C/C++ and Python

  • Digital logic design in Verilog/VHDL for Xilinx and Altera FPGAs and MPSoCs

  • Driver and application development for Embedded Linux

  • Schematic entry and PCB layout using Altium Designer, Cadence tools, Eagle, KiCad

  • Driver development for various sensors and peripherals

  • Bluetooth application development with Nordic Semiconductor nRF52, including BLE 5.0 and Mesh technologies

  • Products incorporating WiFi, GSM, GPS and serial interfaces (SPI, I2C, LIN, RS-232, RS-485)

  • Development of hand-held, battery-powered wearable devices

  • Real-time OS: FreeRTOS, ARM mbed

  • MCU architectures: ARM, AVR, PIC, MSP430

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